If you want to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’re likely deciding whether to buy or build. Both have pros and cons, and you may ask yourself if building a home is the right call for your specific situation. After all, it takes time and money to build a house. Isn’t it better to just buy a home rather than build your own?

Let’s be clear: buying a home can be a great option for many, but building a custom home is an excellent option that should be considered. Building your home has some unique benefits; if you’re so inclined, building a custom home might be a great call for you and your family. Maykus Homes shares why building a custom-built home might be the right call for you and the many benefits you’ll enjoy if you build. Read on to learn more!


Have you ever toured homes for sale and thought how nice it would be to combine different elements of each home into one perfect home? Unfortunately, you don’t get to mix and match design elements when touring other people’s homes.

When buying a home, you certainly have options to consider, but unfortunately, you likely can’t find all your desired elements within the same property. Each home is unique. The house you love might not have a suitable yard or be in the right school district. That’s one of the reasons why building a custom home is an alluring option for many. You have much more say in the home design process and can create the perfect home for your needs.

Resale Value

You obviously design your custom-built home for you and your family, but the home’s resell value cannot be ignored either. By building a custom home, you immerse yourself in the design process and can add the design elements and features that may help you resell your home for a higher value in the future.

Elements like a dedicated outdoor living space, high-quality materials, and certain stylistic choices can all increase the asking price you command on the home in the future.  You can, of course, add elements like these to a home you buy, but this can be disruptive if you’ve already moved into the house. Adding these elements during the build process ensures that your home is of the utmost value when you move in and gives you the option to resell in the future.

Modernization & Energy Usage

If you’ve spent time in North Texas, you know how intense our weather can be. North Texas can see winters with wind chills under 30 and summers with temperatures over 110. The wrong home can be miserable in these conditions, and your enjoyment of the house might suffer as a result.

Your home’s energy usage, insulation, and appliances are critical to ensure you are prepared for these extreme weather events. If your home isn’t protected against the elements, you may soon find yourself sweltering in mid-July or freezing in January. When you build your custom home, you can take extra precautions to ensure you have the most modern insulation and appliances for those North Texas heat waves or cold snaps.

Low Competition

The housing market in DFW can be competitive, to put it mildly. Quality homes in good neighborhoods can easily go for tens of thousands of dollars above the asking price, and your dream home is likely no different. Factor in the right combination of external elements like location, the local district, and yard size, and you might soon realize that you’re competing with other home buyers for every property.

When you build your own home, you’re the only person with your name in the hat for that lot. There’s no chance that someone will snatch the house out from under you at the last second through a cash offer or that you’ll need to pay more than the asking price to secure the property. It’s your home, and you’re designing it how you want it to be! For many people, that’s a great deal, and the time spent designing and planning a custom-built home is well spent if they avoid that extra competition.

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