If you’re looking to build a custom home in DFW, you’ll probably first start with cost. After all, the decision to create a custom home is heavily influenced by price, so it makes sense to start with a rough estimate of what it will cost to build your home. This approach makes a lot of sense, but as custom home builders, we caution against looking at price immediately.

The reason why we caution against focusing solely on price is simple. We can’t fully answer the question, “What will my custom home cost to build?” without first having some basic details. A myriad of factors influence the cost of your custom home.

Without first sketching out the basic ideation of what you want your custom-built home to include, we can’t accurately estimate the cost of your home. It’s like attempting to ask what a watch will cost you. An off-the-shelf dress watch is a very different animal than a custom-fit, engraved luxury watch, so attempting to answer the question without some details is a moot point.  A well-built custom home is much more like a luxury watch than the off-the-shelf version, so some details are necessary.

Fortunately, if you do have basic variables sketched out, you can begin to put together the beginnings of an estimate. Please note that a custom-built home naturally requires a custom quote. For the most accurate and tailor-made solutions, reach out to our team.


The location of your home could add cost to your build. In general, building in an urban area will cost more than a rural area. Obviously, you might not be able to revise your build location, but if you have some flexibility, selecting a more cost-effective area could help reduce overall costs.

Square Footage

The square footage of the home in question is one of the most critical elements in determining the overall price. A 2,500-square-foot home is obviously smaller than a 3,500-square-foot one and will cost much less to build.

A closely related variable to square footage is the issue of land ownership. Do you own the land on which you’re building, or will you need to buy a plot of land to build on? If you need to buy the plot, expect your custom-built home’s cost to increase substantially. Typically, if you own your land, you likely understand how large a home your land can support. Additionally, building your new home on a builder’s lot is an option if you’re looking for land. For a custom quote, reach out to our team and we can discuss your unique situation.


An off-the-line domestic vehicle will cost less than an imported Italian sports car made with custom hood ornaments and fine leather seats.  Likewise, the materials you use in your home will be a deciding factor in the overall cost of your home.

Now, that’s not to say that using the cheapest materials possible is a good call. Less expensive materials are much more likely to break or sustain damage over time. We’d always recommend picking higher-quality materials for your build. Higher-quality materials also add specific benefits to your home. Certain materials can increase your home’s ability to hold or disperse heat, thus saving you money on utility bills.

That’s a huge reason to do precisely the opposite and invest in better-quality materials. Your unique situation will determine what materials must be used in your custom-built home. Still, better materials will help your house be more resilient, insulated, and valuable.

Special Projects

Not all custom-built homes are the same. A relatively simple and basic home will be cheaper than a large house with many extra add-ons. Gazebos, patios, and fountains are elements of a build that can both add to the resale value of your home and increase the cost of building the house in the present. These additions may or may not be necessary for building your dream home, but it’s important to know that certain elements will add more to the total cost.


Where do you live, and what are the local regulations? The local permitting process could add time and money to your custom build. Items like detached domiciles, houses above a particular story, and fences could require additional permits and inspections. Be sure to thoroughly research your local area and understand what permits are needed. While the specifics will depend on your location and community, our team will manage all the permitting for you, so you can rely on us to ensure everything is done correctly.

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