Building a custom home is a busy but exciting time for home builders. As a home buyer, you’re likely researching zoning, discussing floor plans with your family, and even contemplating where you should buy land if you don’t own your lot. Against this backdrop, the question of how to add value to your home can decrease in priority. 

If you are interested in possibly reselling your custom-built home down the road, it’s essential to talk about how you plan to add value to the house during the design process. With some research and foresight, you can add serious value to your home without breaking the bank. 

However, not all additions to a home are as valuable as others, and some come at a higher cost. To help you make sense of your options, the experts at Maykus Homes have a few suggestions on ways to increase the value of a custom-built home. 

Choose the Right Materials

The materials you use in your custom-built home significantly impact the cost of building the house. However, these materials add to the home’s resale value, and picking more expensive but higher-quality materials will pay dividends if you have the budget. 

High-quality materials are helpful for several reasons. The best materials will help your home be more resistant to extreme weather – an attractive quality for potential buyers if you decide to resell your home. High-quality materials also help improve the home’s overall design and can fetch a higher price from a purchaser if reselling. Investing in these higher-quality materials gives you more options in both categories and helps you build the best home possible. 

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is valuable, especially if you’re buying in a place like Texas where the heatwaves can be sweltering and the cold snaps can be chilling. A well-built custom home will withstand the elements better and save the homeowner on their utility costs in the future. 

Building an energy-efficient home might be more expensive up front, but it will pay dividends down the road. Energy-efficient homes tend to see lower utility bills, so the lifetime savings on energy costs of a well-insulated custom-built home can offset the upfront costs to insulate the house properly. 

Plus, an energy-efficient home is a comfortable home. Your overall enjoyment of the property will skyrocket if you look to build an energy-efficient space. Proper insulation is necessary if you’re looking to add value to a home, and what’s more, it’s a prerequisite to a comfortable living space as well. 

Good Space Utilization

A good floor plan layout is a great way to add value to a home and improve your own satisfaction while living there. The definition of a good floor plan can vary based on the home buyer’s specific needs and preferences. However, the more creatively a home utilizes its interior space, the better your chances for reselling the house in the future. 

Think of a dual-use home office, guest bedroom, or large outdoor patio. These dual-usage spaces offer potential home buyers ease of use without shoehorning them into one particular purpose. 


Choosing your location may not be an option for all home buyers, but if you’re looking to buy a lot and then build on it, selecting the correct area is an important factor in increasing the home’s value. 

Generally speaking, proximity to amenities and high-quality school districts are the top factors in determining home value. Every home builder is different, and everyone’s needs will vary, but if you are interested, we recommend reviewing our list of neighborhoods in DFW. 

Add Ways for Outdoor Enjoyment

A well-built home is a critical piece of developing your land. However, to create value, look for ways to increase outdoor enjoyment. These options certainly add more cost to the custom build but also improve the value of the home in question. Dedicated gardening spaces, stone pathways, gazebos, patios, and pools are great ways to do that. 

Remember, a home isn’t just a place to live – it’s also your dedicated space to unwind and spend time with friends and family. Improving your outdoor living space is a great way to add value for future buyers (and increase your own enjoyment as well!) 

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