At Maykus Homes, we are passionate about building beautiful – and functional – homes for all of our clients, and sometimes that means following the latest design and construction trends.

Now that we’re over halfway through 2023, here’s a look at some of the top home-building trends that we’ve seen so far this year:

#1 Improved Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Home buyers are increasingly interested in creating spaces that incorporate excellent indoor-outdoor flow. This means we are seeing an increase in multi-season rooms, folding and sliding glass doors, and easier-to-access outdoor spaces, allowing for additional time to be spent outdoors with family and friends. 

#2 Dedicated Workspaces Within the Home

As more and more people choose to work remotely from home, we’ve seen an increased need for dedicated workspaces within the home’s design. This could mean including one larger dedicated office space in the floorplan or even two smaller rooms, depending on who will be working from home. 

#3 Well Designed Kitchens + Pantries

Well-designed kitchens and pantries have always been important, but recently, we’ve seen the addition of sculleries to the traditional kitchen floorplan become increasingly popular. A scullery is essentially an extra large pantry that may include kitchen appliances and workspaces – in addition to conventional storage – to keep the main kitchen area tidier. It’s like a bonus kitchen – but also a pantry, so basically the best of both worlds. 

#4 Mixed Textures on the Home’s Exterior

We’re seeing an uptick in mixed textures used to add character and charm to the home’s exterior. For example, home buyers are choosing to incorporate both metal and wood or vinyl siding and brick together to create a more visually appealing and interesting exterior, straying away from the more traditional home styles that feel a bit cookie-cutter. 

#5 Recreation and Entertainment Spaces

Recreation and entertainment spaces are nothing new, but these types of spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years – especially after the pandemic. Home buyers are choosing to stay home and create their own custom spaces for entertaining, such as home theaters, large family rooms, outdoor entertainment areas, and more. 

#6 Modern Design

Apart from the increase in the use of mixed textures, we are seeing, we’re also seeing a resurgence of modern design. This trend extends to both the exterior and the interior, where we see modern elements such as black-trimmed windows being incorporated regularly into the design of the home.

#7 Closed Floor Plans vs. Open Floor Plans

While open floor plans will always be popular, we’ve also seen clients begin to request more of a traditional, closed floor plan. A closed floor plan would mean the return of smaller spaces, deliberately sectioned out into various rooms. And while this may not be appealing to everyone, there is something to be said for creating quiet, cozier spaces within the home.

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