Designing a custom-built home is a special time for many people. There’s a lot of excitement and creativity at this stage, and many are delighted to spend time crafting and perfecting their dream home as they plan their project.

However, this time period can also be overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and many project elements are not simple. You might struggle with prioritizing which amenities are non-negotiable for your home wishlist and which can be foregone for now.

As custom home builders in North Texas, we’ve seen this happen all too often. If you want to determine which amenities on your custom home’s wishlist are worth prioritizing, this blog is for you! Read on to learn about how you should prioritize your home’s amenities.

What Can’t Be Changed

Some aspects of the home are challenging to change once they’ve already been decided on. Think floorplan, lot size, stories, structural design elements, etc. We recommend landowners and those looking to build a custom home solidify these details before getting too far into a project.

Other features can be updated and refreshed easily, but there is a good chance the project will be derailed if the plan changes halfway through.  Your custom home project can evolve slightly over time, but the house type and floor plan are the foundation on which the rest of your custom home is built. We recommend solidifying the essential elements at the beginning of the process.

What Can Be Altered

While plenty of items are difficult to change, others, like a gazebo, garden, or screened-in porch, for example, can be easily altered or added later. While these items are nice and will certainly add to your enjoyment of the home, we recommend focusing your budget on the non-negotiables during the initial planning process.

It all really depends on your priorities and budget. If you know that you want a gazebo in your backyard, and this is non-negotiable for you, then it should definitely be included in the initial plan. However, if you’re on a tight deadline or need to stick to a particular budget, waiting a year or two to add the gazebo might be the smartest choice.

What Adds to Your Comfort

Aspects of the home that add to your overall comfort should not be overlooked. Insulation, high-quality building materials, and the right energy-efficient appliances will make the house a better place for you and your family. If you’ve ever spent a sweltering summer in North Texas, you know just how critical a cool and well-regulated home is when the temperature is 110 outside. We recommend considering the quality of life inside your home when deciding what amenities to include in the house. These elements could cost slightly more upfront, but trust us when we say they are investments that will dramatically change your comfort level within the home.

Luckily, sometimes, items that add to your comfort can save you money! That’s right; the right amenities and building materials could drastically reduce your utility bill AND make your home cool and comfy. We highly recommend prioritizing energy-efficient appliances and insulation when building your custom home. There’s no way around it; you can save a significant amount in utility bills with some planning at the beginning of your custom home build.

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