If you’re looking to build a home in DFW or beyond, there are many factors to consider. To start, you’ll need to consider the style of home you’d like to build, the location, any important local ordinances, and the materials you would prefer to use.

While all of the above factors are important, it’s critical that you also consider energy efficiency. Unfortunately, when set against the backdrop of the flashier design-related elements, energy efficiency can fall to the wayside, which can end up hurting you in the long run.

Building an energy-efficient home is one of the most important pieces of your custom home build. If done correctly, you can learn how to build an energy-efficient home and save money on your utility bills, decrease wear and tear on your house, and lower your ecological impact.

Suppose you don’t actively research how to build an energy-efficient home in DFW. In that case, you’re likely to suffer higher utility bills than you’d like, whether you’re dealing with sweltering North Texas summers or bone-chilling cold snaps in the winter.

The good news is that, with some preparation and research, you can incorporate energy usage into your custom build planning and save a bundle on utility bills. Maykus Homes shares some essential tips to consider when building your energy-efficient home in North Texas!

Look For the Energy Star Logo

If you’re looking for the most ecologically-friendly options for homebuilding, keep an eye out for Energy Star. This federal program denotes the most energy-efficient options in appliances, home building, and certain other products.

When you see the Energy Star logo, you know the product meets the highest energy usage standards. An Energy Star-compliant product or appliance is an excellent step towards maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, and we encourage you to keep this in mind when thinking through your custom build.

Homes themselves can even be marked as Energy Star. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient home in North Texas, browse our listings for Energy Star-compliant neighborhoods.

Consider Your Stylistic Choices

The style of home you want to build might not be the first thing you consider when you think about energy efficiency, but believe it or not, it can certainly have an impact. Generally speaking, larger homes will be more challenging to insulate, and smaller homes may be easier. However, the actual style of home can matter, and if energy efficiency is your top goal, you should carefully consider what style of home you choose.

For instance, consider Spanish-style homes. The stucco walls, stone floors, and clay tiles that define this style of home all lead to high energy efficiency. They also typically feature a unique, ornate, and classic style, and many custom home builders love Spanish-style homes regardless of their energy efficiency.

If stucco and stone aren’t your thing, don’t fret. The Spanish-style home is just one example of how style and energy usage work together. There are other energy-efficient home styles you could consider as well. Tiny houses, domes, single-story ranches, and earth-sheltered homes can all be incredibly efficient in using energy. If lowering your utility bill is a priority, consider opting for one of these styles. Our team is, of course, always happy to discuss your specific needs and design choices.

High-Quality Materials Make a Difference

The materials you choose have a massive impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home. For example, composite lumber and low-e fixtures will be incredibly efficient options. On the flip side, lower-cost plaster might be easier to implement upfront, but you will see your energy bills rise over time because of this tradeoff.

Take it from us; investing in better materials is worth it if you want to conserve energy in your home. Your future utility bills will easily offset the upfront investment, and the better materials used will add value to your home’s resale value if you decide to sell.

Choose a Trusted Builder

The right home builder can significantly impact your quest for an energy-efficient home. If you’re looking for a custom home builder in the Metroplex, look no further than Maykus Homes! We’ve been building custom homes across DFW for decades and would love to discuss your custom home building needs!

Experience, efficiency, and longevity are at the core of our building process. We ensure that everything in your build meets our high-quality standards and strive to deliver the best design, quality, and experience. Your home’s future value will thank you for working with Maykus; our commitment to quality building pays dividends to our clients. Create your living space today, and contact Maykus Homes to begin building the home of your dreams.