If you want to build a custom home in Texas, you’re probably curious about building costs. You might have amazing ideas about what you want your dream house to look like and are excited to hit the ground running and build your custom home.

However, you still need to understand your cost to build a custom home in Texas. Building a custom home, whether in Dallas-Fort Worth, another area in Texas, or elsewhere, is a big decision, and you want to be prepared. Read on to learn how much building a custom home in Texas will cost you!

What Impacts the Cost of Building?

It is worth noting that there is a massive range in the cost of building a custom home. Location, materials, and the design itself can all have huge impacts on the cost of the process, so offering a quote for a custom home without a specific ask is short of impossible. However, the following factors will significantly impact the cost of building.


Where you build, and the specifics of how you build will have a massive impact on your cost. Texas is not the cheapest area to build, but compared to other, more densely populated parts of the country, building in Texas can be fairly affordable. However, some zip codes are more expensive than others, even within the same metropolitan area. Specific local factors, like property taxes, regulations, and ordinances, can also impact pricing.


Do you own your lot? Owning the land you’re building on is a great way to reduce costs. Inversely, buying land to build on will lead to an increased cost. Regardless of where you are on the scale, consider whether you own the land and how you plan to use it. This is one of the most significant contributors to the cost of a home.


The materials you use in your home will be a massive part of the cost of your home. Selecting the most modern materials will add quite a bit to the home’s asking price, should you ever want to sell. Inversely, you must decide if you’re willing to pay for these materials when building. This will depend a lot on your unique needs.

Do you plan on staying in the house for an extended period? Do you wish to sell your custom-built home within the next few years? If you plan on selling, paying for the most premium materials may be a good idea, as these higher-cost materials will add money to your future asking price. Our team can answer specific questions about materials and how we use them in building should you have specific scenarios you want to run through.

Custom Changes

Not all custom homes are the same. That’s a major benefit of building a custom home, after all. You get a lot more input into the design process and can update your design accordingly to ensure that your home is exactly what you and your family need.

However, many people forget that the level of customization will impact how much their home will cost. A relatively straightforward build with a few modifications will cost less than a custom home that requires custom details at every facet of the build. These custom modifications will have a significant impact on the cost of your home. Be aware of the changes you request for your build and know how they will impact your cost.

Recouping Your Investment

Customizing and investing in different aspects of your home can sometimes be the right course of action. Certain decisions around your home will add more value than others, and if you are looking to sell your home for a profit in the future, knowing what will add value is worth the extra research.

Typically, these investments will help you recoup your investment and help you sell your home for more.


  • Energy-Efficient Updates: Changes to the house that will save the next homeowner money through energy efficiency will add substantial value to the home. Insulation updates, updated appliances, and revitalized infrastructure are great ways to do this.
  • Usable Square Footage: Changes to the house that add usable square footage are a surefire way to sell your house for more. Convertible space, wall alcoves, patios, and balconies are great ways to add more livable space to the house. Accessory dwelling units, like basement suites or tiny homes in the backyard, are an emerging trend in home building that can substantially increase usable space and asking price.
  • Revitalized Spaces: Keeping the most modern accessories within the home can command more money. Adding the most stylish cabinets, windows, and infrastructure will dramatically increase the asking price.


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