Building a custom-built home is an exciting time for many, and it’s easy to see why. The world is full of possibilities and opportunities, and you’re likely busy planning out your new home’s square footage, design, and floor plan. A custom-built home is an excellent opportunity to display your creative side, and many homeowners find the planning process enjoyable. 

However, there’s one element of the home-building process that should not be overlooked. The right home is nothing without a home warranty to protect what you’ve built. Most custom home builders will leave you with a home warranty, but it’s essential to understand what a home warranty is, what it can do, and how to maintain your home seasonally.  

Scheduling times to check up on your home’s maintenance will help you retain its value over time and reduce the risk of having to utilize your home warranty! 

Why a Home Warranty?

Your home warranty is a great way to protect your home and ensure you’re covered for any unexpected damages.  If the home suffers damage, your home warranty could cover the cost, depending on your policy. 

Let’s say an appliance breaks within your home. A certified technician will come over, and if the necessary repairs are in policy, the home warranty company will cover the costs. A small service fee might be paid to the technician, but the warranty will considerably reduce your out-of-pocket expenses! 

At Maykus Homes, we partner with StrucSure as our home warranty provider.  StrucSure provides HUD-approved, FHA-approved, and insurance-backed home warranties. These programs cover workmanship for one year, wiring and ductwork for two years, and structural problems for up to ten years. 

We work with StrucSure because they have an excellent industry reputation, focus on resolving claims as thoroughly as possible, and are committed to creating the best home buyer experience. Their customer service is phenomenal, and they offer exceptional home warranties for our clients and their properties. 

Spring Checklist

Regular home maintenance will help you find and address potential problems within your custom-built home earlier, faster, and more affordably. Creating a seasonal checklist for home maintenance will maximize your home warranty and increase the longevity of your custom-built home. 

Of course, specific tasks should be completed by an experienced handyman or contractor instead of the average homeowner. However, most homeowners can reasonably finish the items on the list below, and doing so will help you take care of your custom-built home. 

Here are a few spring-specific items to check off your list to ensure you’re taking the best possible care of your home as the seasons change. 

Inspect Roof from Ground:

Winter ice and snow can damage your roof, so it’s imperative that you visually inspect the roof for any noticeable damage. Ideally, you should inspect the roof from the ground and, if necessary, contact a roofing expert for further investigation. 

Check Smoke Alarms:

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to ensure your smoke alarms are functional and the batteries are replaced. Even if your smoke alarm is hardwired, it likely has a battery backup that needs to be checked. Over 350,000 house fires occur in the US every year. Mitigate the odds by ensuring that you have functional fire alarms every spring. 

Change HVAC Filter:

Checking your HVAC filter is a great way to mitigate the risk of future issues with your unit. Having an HVAC technician inspect your unit twice a year is also a good idea to ensure everything is running properly, and spring is a great time to check one of these inspections off your list. 

Clean & Drain Gutters:

Ensuring your gutters are functioning properly is a great way to reduce the risk of blocks. Ensure drainage is away from walls and foundations; over time, repeated water drainage will damage the house in question and dramatically increase the odds of warranty problems. 

Turn on Exterior Water Supply:

As winter approached, you likely turned off this water supply to prevent freezes. With the spring thaw drawing nearer, you can now turn on the exterior water supply to hose bibs and faucets. Be sure to check for leaks when you do so. The last thing you want is a leaky faucet if a spring freeze hits, as the likelihood of a damaged faucet increases substantially with a leak. 

Clean Your Windows:

With spring approaching, many homeowners enjoy having sparkling clean windows to take in the dawning of warmer weather. Take advantage of the changing season by scheduling some time to clean your windows this spring. 

Inspect & Improve Caulking:

Take the time to examine your home for any potential caulking issues and make a plan to address these problems during your routine spring maintenance to prevent further damage. 

Maykus Homes & StrucSure

Are you looking to build a custom home in the DFW area? 

Contact Maykus Homes for your custom-built home needs! We always strive to delight our homeowners and maximize the value of their homes. StrucSure is one of the key parts of this process; their quality home warranties help us equip our clients with the best possible coverage and instructions for their homes. 

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