Why Choose Maykus Homes

Using proven building strategies Maykus Homes will help your family consume less energy and create a home free of health and safety hazards.

Operating efficiency and safety are part of the process from the beginning; each plan goes through an extensive review with engineers and energy experts.

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A Family Owned Business

Maykus Homes and Neighborhoods is family owned and operated; building homes and residential lots since the 1950’s with convictions deeply rooted in the quality, value, and local expertise. We’re proud to know our clients trust us with the construction of their home or land. We honor landowners and homeowners by building value and equity into each Maykus Homes and Neighborhoods project. With diligence and passion, we create the best scenario for every homeowner and landowner.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Quality Homes for Over 60 Years

Build your dream home with confidence. Build it with Maykus.

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