As North Texas-based homebuilders, we’ve seen quite a few innovative homes. It’s honestly one of the best parts of our job. Custom home builders across DFW and the state of Texas are incredibly creative; few projects allow you to showcase your creative side quite like building your own home does.

However, to say that there are many different styles of home to consider is putting it mildly. There are hundreds of years of tradition and architectural design to wade through to find your perfect home style. To simplify the process, we’ve identified five styles of custom-built homes that we think are unique and worth considering as you begin planning your home.

For our purposes today, we won’t analyze the more common and typical home styles. (Think Victorian, Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Ranch, or Georgian, etc.)  You’re probably relatively familiar with those types of homes.

Instead, we want to give you an understanding of some new and fresh styles in the custom home-building world to inspire your project. If you’re interested in learning about these home styles, read on to learn more!

Greek Revival

Greek revival houses are defined by their ornate columns and wrap-around porches. The home pays homage to ancient Greece and mimics the look and feel of ancient Greek temples. While there are a few common throughlines in this style of home, the presence of columns and a sprawling porch are usually the most significant clues that a home is taking some elements of the Greek Revival style.

The style became widespread in the first half of the 19th century in the US, and while it is typically associated with the South, the Mid-Atlantic states and New England also have plenty of Greek Revival homes. We often see Greek Revival-style homes highlighting well-kept and spacious front lawns. If you’re attracted to the elegance and splendor of the classical style of the Greek Revival, consider highlighting the front yard with a small statue, fountain, or tree-lined walk and bring out your inner classics lover.


An A-frame home is about as innovative and outside the box as you can get! A-frame homes are defined by their resemblance to the letter A, and their steep rooflines tend to make the home resemble a large triangle. A-frames come in various styles – some are built as smaller, standalone homes, while others are part of a larger, sprawling structure. Regardless of size, A-frames certainly add character to any home design.

A-frames can be cheaper to build and, in some cases, could be as much as $100 per square foot cheaper. This cost-effectiveness is driving a new interest in A-frame homes, and the style has become much more popular in recent years. A-Frames could make a lot of sense for a landowner with a narrow lot who wants to get a little creative.

Mediterranean Style Home

We’ve seen a significant rise in Mediterranean-related houses in Texas recently, and it’s easy to see why. These homes take their inspiration from Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese-style homes and traditionally feature white stucco walls (or stucco-inspired panels), low roofs, and wrought iron fixtures. The external spaces of the home are also a defining feature. Balconies, villa courtyards, bell towers, and central outdoor gardens complement the typical U-shape of Mediterranean-inspired houses.

This style of home was developed in a part of the world with mild winters and hot summers and could provide a unique way to escape the heat in Texas. Historically, Mediterranean homes included a central courtyard, which was used to promote airflow throughout the structure. While you likely utilize A/C for this purpose today, incorporating a central outdoor courtyard space can be a great way to add extra style to your home. Explore the Spanish Colonial, classic Mediterranean, and Mediterranean Revival styles for more specific housing examples.


Have you ever wanted to combine the size of a barn with your living arrangement? Then the barndominium is the style for you! This combo of house and barn is most common in rural and exurban areas. The rustic and simplistic country style holds a certain appeal for many homeowners. However, barndominiums also typically offer spacious interior floor plans for the more practically minded. The long style and exposed columns lend themselves well to wrap-around porches, and we often see barndominiums lend include amenities such as patios, gardens, and outdoor gyms.

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